Headbands: the New Fascinators

Wedding white feather headband

Non-girly girls are celebrating the fact that fascinators are no longer fascinating. But you don’t have to be girly to wear a headband. Girls as independent and emancipated as Jordan in the Great Gatsby can get away with wearing glitzy hair accessories. There’s no need to blow the budget on Tiffany or Prada either. These retro inspired hairbands by Sheena Holland, embellished with recycled vintage costume jewels, are much more affordable. Monzie’s mop of messy curls makes a perfect nest for our feathered friends…

Feather headband with curious pink bird

Classic white feather curiosity hairband

Curious feather headband with green bird

Dramatic blue headband

Cream flower hairband

Vintage Paris curiosity headband

Yellow leather curiosity headband


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