Curious Pumpkin Sculptures – Happy Thanksgiving!

Some of them look like they were left over from Halloween, but the pumpkin sculptures in New York’s Chelsea Market are handmade works of art. Take a look at these painstakingly handcrafted curiosities and let us know what you think… The one on the right reminded us of ex-President Gorbachev – or could it be David Gest?

Curiosity pumpkins

Curious man pumpkin

And this is no turkey… possibly the American Eagle?

Eagle eye pumpkin

Perhaps this is a turkey? Or could it be a vulture?Scary turkey pumpkins

Obviously this is a bat. Out of Chelsea, New York.

Bat wing curiosity pumpkin

Bat out of pumpkin

Not quite sure about this one, but it’s a tad scary.

Scary pumpkin

Oh and here’s the raw material – plus some rather prettily arranged pumpkins, gourds and vegetalia outside Bubby’s High Line restaurant, below. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ohio Pie Pumpkins

Pumpkins at Bubbys High Line

Thanksgiving Pumpkins Bubby's New York



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