Rose Chong Costumiers – Melbourne

Rose Chong Costumier Melbourne
This has to be one of the most curious costume hire shops in the world. If you’re looking for a store with a fantastic range of Halloween costumes – in fact costumes for all occasions – then look no further than Rose Chong Costumiers. Based in the hip and happening Fitzroy district of Melbourne, Australia, Rose Chong stocks a vast array of outfits and masks for every eventuality. Perfect you want to be a cave man or woman, a medieval knight or damsel, a frog, a rabbit… or whatever takes your fancy. There are stylists to help with wigs and stuff that will render you totally unrecognizable. This store certainly has the curiosity factor. Check out their curiously crazy website and blog here. Shame they don’t ship to the UK!

Curiosity costumes

Rose Chong costume shop

Rose Chong accessories

Rose Chong costume accessories

Rabbit costume


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